Pandemic Toddlers

This course is designed to help parents overcome magnified challenges in children from ages 2 to 6 — a strategy-based parenting toolkit

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Our mission is to work every angle to support your family in the transition to life after the pandemic. -Jamie Glowacki

Attn: Parents of “covid babies” tired of watching your child struggle in everyday routines

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Your little humans experienced life in a very secluded manner with minimum exposure to people, places, and things – for an extended period of time. And to them, this is the norm! So when the world opened back up, and we introduced them to it for the first time, we quickly noticed their overwhelming challenges. Talk about a culture shock!

It’s no wonder why some children are struggling. They're in unfamiliar territory! And yes, most toddlers experience picky eating, separation anxiety, and wonky behaviors. But these kids are experiencing these things at a nuclear level. You know the term, “these pandemic babies are built differently”!

Well, there’s another side to that coined term! That most people aren’t talking about. And that’s the kids who are struggling to adapt to what we consider to be the “real world”. This transition has been extremely hard on them and their parents! And it doesn't help that some doctors are dismissing or belittling their concerns.

Being told your kid will be fine and stop overreacting – can be extremely frustrating and lonely!

Especially when you’re standing by watching your kid struggle with age-appropriate skills like socializing at the park and getting themselves dressed.

As parents, you feel scared because your everyday routines come with a side of overwhelming resistance on the regular. You feel anxious because you don’t know how to help your child. But you’re not alone!

I keep seeing this time and time again in my work. Parents who feel completely lost. Because they aren't sure how to help their kids…who are struggling with social skills and everyday life which now includes other caregivers, activities, and crowds. And these obvious issues are being ignored!

But it’s hard to look to doctors to fix things like a child melting down at daycare drop-off. And for first-time parents, there’s a lot of doubt over what is “normal” and what is not. So we may not be able to build your IRL village of community and family support, but we thought we could help bring a village of support to your fingertips.

Here's what we're hearing from parents in the course right now...


Oh Crap! Pandemic Toddlers…

Hi, I’m Jamie a parenting coach and potty training expert. My colleague Jen and I started noticing some magnified behaviors in our client's children as we transitioned from the pandemic to “real life”. So we asked for feedback and found that even kids that didn’t necessarily need treatment for delays were still struggling:

-Clingy kids with enhanced separation anxiety screaming bloody murder at the sight of unfamiliar faces.

-Children with complete food groups missing from their diet, who are down to only eating 3 things.

-Toddlers struggling with everyday routines that end up in total meltdowns aka extended inconsolable tantrums.

And everything in between…

You see the thing is – these kids don’t have a clue about what we know to be “real life” pre-pandemic. All they knew was a homebound environment with just their parents, maybe siblings, and if they were really lucky a few close relatives. But that's it!

So their vagus nerve (their nervous system), their speech development, their physical and emotional core were formed in a very closed system. And now we’re seeing a huge difficulty in transitions, picky eating, physicality, and separation anxiety. To be fair, these are hot-button toddler issues in normal times. But now these toddler issues are on steroids.

And when we say pandemic toddlers, we are referring to babies born during the pandemic AND kids who were ages 0-3 when the pandemic hit back in 2020. So your covid babies are now toddlers and preschoolers. And some of these kids are truly on the struggle bus!

Which is why Jen and I decided we needed to help our struggling parents and children because no one else is out there providing this type of support.

Let’s denuclearize your toddler…HA!

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Who are we

Jamie Glowacki is the bestselling author of Oh Crap Potty Training and Oh Crap I Have a Toddler, as well as the host of a popular podcast on parenting toddlers and the Oh Crap Potty Training podcast. Jamie privately consults with families for support in potty training and parenting and she's helped thousands of families through her work.

Jen L'Italien is a senior certified Oh Crap Potty Training consultant who runs Oh Crap Potty Training From ME To You. Jen has worked with thousands of families for support in their potty training journey she's been featured as an expert in media outlets including the Huffington Post and Parents magazine.

So together, we’ve picked through our communities and gathered experts in child behavior and development to help break through the barriers the pandemic added for you and your children.

Pandemic Toddlers the online course

Provides parenting strategies for the magnified challenges we're seeing with pandemic toddlers.

You will hear from more than 10 experts and guest speakers across various fields, including

Parent educators, Behavior consultants, a Psychologist focused in Pediatric Neuropsychology, a Child Nutritionist, a Naturopathic Doctor, a Dietician who focuses on extreme picky eating, a Speech Therapist, as well as educators who have experience in Public schools, Forest schools, Montessori schools, and Homeschooling.

Plus most of our experts are also parents and some have pandemic toddlers themselves!

If your child is still struggling with any transitioning into the “real world” keep reading because this was made just for you!

This course was first launched in September 2022. We're now offering it as content-only.

  • This means you can watch through all the pre-recorded interviews and download all the printables at your own pace.
  • You will also get access to all the original Instagram Lives and posts with Q&As on our private Instagram page.
  • However, the course is no longer live so Jamie and Jen will not be active in that Instagram group answering questions or comments.

Course Curriculum

In this course, you’ll gain…

✅ Answers from trained experts on some of the current challenges your “covid babies” are experiencing.

✅ Strategies that you can immediately implement to help with transitions in everyday life for your little ones.

✅ Validation that your mother’s intuition was right. Yes, parenting is hard but it’s not supposed to be THAT hard and we could all use more tools in our parenting toolkit.


✅ Easy to access reference sheets for you to feel guided and supported when implementing the strategies.

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What’s Next:

When you sign up, you'll get a welcome email for immediate access to our private IG group. Jamie and Jen are no longer active in the group but you'll be able to watch all of the archived Instagram Live interviews and read through all the Q&As and comments.

The bulk of the course is on the Teachable platform with 11 pre-recorded videos plus printables you can download and reference.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age group will benefit from this course?
Although the name of the course is Pandemic Toddlers, we’re focusing on children ages 2-5. There’s no easy way to define that age group, so we went with this term.  But basically, the course is for anyone born during the pandemic AND children between the ages of 0-3 when the pandemic hit back in 2020. During that time, children were much more homebound with minimal exposure to other people...reducing the typical daily interactions that contribute to reaching milestones, brain development, and social interactions.  In this course, you will hear from medical providers who have seen a dramatic number of magnified toddler behaviors due to the effects of the pandemic.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to the content in this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. So you can always catch up on watching the pre-recorded videos whenever it works for you.
Is the course on Instagram?
The pre-recorded course will be accessible through Teachable, an online course platform. In addition, we have a private Instagram page where you'll be able to access IG Live interviews and Q&As which you can watch and read through. The course originally ran live in September 2022 and all the content is archived for review. Jamie and Jen are no longer active on the Instagram page and will not be answering questions or comments.
Can I take the course if I’m not on Instagram?
Yes! The pre-recorded course will be accessible through Teachable, an online course platform. So you will not need to utilize Instagram for that portion of the course.  However, if you decide you want to see the additional interviews and content we shared on Instagram, you can add into our closed private group on Instagram!
Will I learn things in this course?
Yes, you will absolutely learn things. We have interviewed 11 guest experts focused on toddlers and preschoolers or health/wellness (since taking care of you is important, too). They are sharing strategies and suggestions on how to approach some of the issues parents are noticing in their children.  This is not a how to fix every issue and problem that every child is currently experiencing due to the effects of the pandemic. Think of this as a glimmer of light in a really dark place. We want to help parents who are completely lost on how to help their little ones. We don’t have all the answers, but these strategies can definitely help bring some clarity and knowledge on how to move forward with addressing some of the issues we see children experiencing.  You will walk away with clarity on what your child may be dealing with and how you can implement strategies for your everyday life.

Right now, you're introducing your child to something that is very unfamiliar. And that can be extremely frustrating and difficult for both of you!

Which is why we decided to put this together.

We want to offer parents something they can implement immediately to help their children through this transition.

Get started now!

*The content shared in this course is for informational purposes only and not meant to be considered medical advice or a substitute for professional advice provided by any healthcare professional.